You don't need a doctor honey.

I watched it all from the window ledge.

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Here is what's going down.

- Must be at least 14 years of age.
- Once you are stamped, you can vote on other members, and post pictures as often as you'd like.
- Petty bullshit whining will be taken somewhere else.
- You will not be accepted unless you show a clear shot of your face and leave the pictures the way they are, no photoshop shit.
- Don't join if you're going to whine about what we say about you. Obviously we can vote on you.

Post these questions on your app. &answer them.

1)Name, age, location.
2)Post at least 3 photos.
3)Name 10 top favorite bands.
4)Name 5 favorite pieces of clothing.
5)Name favorite books/movies.
6)Are you a camera whore? If so, why?
7)Do you masturbate? If so, what goes on in your mind while doing so?
8)Why do you think you are bangable?

Thank you lovelies.