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you don't need the money when you look like that, do ya honey?

1)Name, age, location.
Stephanie, 16, Miami

2)Post at least 3 photos.

Me (left, the tall one) with one of my best friends in a club.

Me outside my house, standing in my driveway (I'm facing my own house, so the house behind me is the neighbor's house across the street, get it? lol...just clarifying)

Me with my best friend again and our friend Ivan at his job (he's a mall rent-a-cop, bless his heart.)

Cooking with my girls at my friend Brandon's house!!

Me and my other good friend, Marisol

3)Name 10 top favorite bands.
Maroon 5, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Britney (sorry but I love her despite it all), Radiohead, Missy Elliot, Coldplay, Paula Cole, Sarah McLaughlin, John Mayer, N.E.R.D

4)Name 5 favorite pieces of clothing.
Jeans, long sleeve button down, skirt, sneakers, scarf
5)Name favorite books/movies.
Movies: Gladiator, Ocean's 11, Cruel Intentions, Friday
Books: Anthem (by Ayn Rand) is amazing...and the Gossip Girl series are all really funny/cute.
6)Are you a camera whore? Yep. If so, why? I just like being photographed. A picture can make you anyone you want to be.
7)Do you masturbate? Sometimes. If so, what goes on in your mind while doing so? Depends. Sometimes nothing, sometimes someone I'm attracted to...isnt it more or less the same for everyone?
8)Why do you think you are bangable? Being bangable (to me) is being confident in your own skin, daring, ballsy, fun, and just being bad in your own good way... and I'm all of the above. =0)
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