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you don't need the money when you look like that, do ya honey?

1)Name, age, location.
Stephanie, 16, Miami

2)Post at least 3 photos.

Me (left, the tall one) with one of my best friends in a club.

Me outside my house, standing in my driveway (I'm facing my own house, so the house behind me is the neighbor's house across the street, get it? lol...just clarifying)

Me with my best friend again and our friend Ivan at his job (he's a mall rent-a-cop, bless his heart.)

Cooking with my girls at my friend Brandon's house!!

Me and my other good friend, Marisol

3)Name 10 top favorite bands.
Maroon 5, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Britney (sorry but I love her despite it all), Radiohead, Missy Elliot, Coldplay, Paula Cole, Sarah McLaughlin, John Mayer, N.E.R.D

4)Name 5 favorite pieces of clothing.
Jeans, long sleeve button down, skirt, sneakers, scarf
5)Name favorite books/movies.
Movies: Gladiator, Ocean's 11, Cruel Intentions, Friday
Books: Anthem (by Ayn Rand) is amazing...and the Gossip Girl series are all really funny/cute.
6)Are you a camera whore? Yep. If so, why? I just like being photographed. A picture can make you anyone you want to be.
7)Do you masturbate? Sometimes. If so, what goes on in your mind while doing so? Depends. Sometimes nothing, sometimes someone I'm attracted to...isnt it more or less the same for everyone?
8)Why do you think you are bangable? Being bangable (to me) is being confident in your own skin, daring, ballsy, fun, and just being bad in your own good way... and I'm all of the above. =0)
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your bands are all mainstream. that's what you like i suppose.
but i dont like how you said sorry for liking britney.. if you like her then you shouldn't have to say sorry.
for your application i say no.
but for your body/face &liking cruel intentions i say yes.
:0) thanks.
duh yes, your beautiful
aww you're gorgeous too!

thanks, you're always so sweet to me!!

<3 <3 <3
your welcome.

cause i like you!!

so pretty
please join treschaud
who is paula cole? and whats do you mean ballsy? is that supposed to mean like having some balls *meaning guts*

Anthem is alright.

original ocean's 11 or new?

if you actually reply to me I'll give you a yes. If you dont then you can screw yourself and get a no from me.
paula cole...dont u remember the song "where have all the cowboys gone" (No its not country, lol...)
she has another, more recent song called Mississippi (still ,despite the name,not country.)

Oceans 11 new...I havent had the chance to see the old one yet.

Oh and ballsy...I guess just having guts, and having nerve to do and say things other people wont.

holy shit! She sings that song!?
I used to have that song down pat...
i love/d it....

both of them are kick ass... so either way... i just wondered.

thank you for replying...

i give you a yes.
how old is that last picture? you look so young!
you are gorgeous. duh. you know that.

nice to see you arent trying to impress anyone- you put down the music you like, mainstream or not.

yes. =-)
its actually pretty recent, only about a month old lol.

thanks so much for the 'gorgeous' I dont think I'm all of that but hey thanks its sweet of you to say so...I'm sure you're a beautiful person too!!!

as far as the mainstream bands go...hey, man, what can i do? I like what i like I'm happy if someone can support me on that!

:) :)