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1)Name, age, location. kellie, 18. SoCali
2)Post at least 3 photos.
3)Name 10 top favorite bands.
1. A.S.L
2. F.A.T.A
3. Senses Fail
4. onelinedrawing
5. S.O.T.Y
6. Atreyu
7. Thrice
8. Finch
9. the postal service
10. my chemicle romance

4)Name 5 favorite pieces of clothing.
1. peter barker spider dog shirt
2. black blazer
3. black canvas tops
4. socks
5. u.s.m.c jacket

5)Name favorite books/movies.
-a walk to remember
-donnie darko
-the secret of nimh
-the pest

6)Are you a camera whore? If so, why? i am when i visit my dad, i do it because i think you can always capture a silly moment, or the most beautiful thing and show the world.. plus it gives me something to worl on when i get home
7)Do you masturbate? If so, what goes on in your mind while doing so? sometimes, i think about my boyfriend
8)Why do you think you are bangable? because "i just want BANG BANG BANG" jk

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