The Only Thing You Are is *STAGED* (garage_slut) wrote in extothebang,
The Only Thing You Are is *STAGED*

New Applicant. Say Yes.

1)Name, age, location.
Jenevieve (Jeni), 16, California

2)Post at least 3 photos.

3)Name 10 top favorite bands.
Children of Bodom (by FAR my favorite), Inflames, Iron Maiden, Van Halen, Motley Crue, Poison, Symphony X, Guns N Roses... oh yah and Michael Jackson, have to admit the guy can dance

4)Name 5 favorite pieces of clothing.
Jeans, white netting shirt, sandals, my hustler skirt, cowboy hat
5)Name favorite books/movies.
Movies: Boondock Saints, Bad Santa, Finding Nemo
Books: Born Blue by Han Nolan
6)Are you a camera whore? Yes. i call it my vision.
7)Do you masturbate? If so, what goes on in your mind while doing so? Yes and usually i visualize what i'd like my next sexual experience with my boyfriend to be like
8)Why do you think you are bangable? cuz i really think i'm just THAT good... baby.
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